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About The Dirty Housewife

Meant To Empower – Not Entice.
Dedicated to promoting body positivity & cultivating an empowered sexual lifestyle reaffirming how beautiful you are.

After years of not loving myself and suffering from abuse I finally found the love I needed, as well as deserved. The new found joy and confidence has brought me to a level of peace I never thought I would feel in my life. I am currently married with a butt load of kids. I adore my husband and honestly he is obsessed with me. I wanted to share my story of rising from the ashes of pain and despair so you can be encouraged to make yourself number one by loving the body you have

been blessed with, finding hope when there feels as though it doesn’t exist, let go of your past and the fears that hold you back from who you truly are inside. Once you uncover your beauty within then you will experience happiness in your life. Sex is good. Sex is best when it is in a committed relationship that has open communication and you deserve to have freedom to explore the world of sex in a way that makes you wanting more and more and more. xoxo – Autumn

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